Welcome to the BOSH UK help page.


Have you joined us for the 1-year unlimited package? If so, you are eligible for a free 1 hour 1:1 coaching call with a member of our dedicated team to get your new store up and running.

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Please see below a short, summarised guide on starting your new online store with us. If you would prefer a step-by-step guide to be emailed, please do let us know by emailing and we can send this to you.  


Creating your new shop

How do I create a BOSH UKUK account/shop?

Simple visit (or visit seller registration – top left hand corner)

How do I access my shop?

Go to seller login and you will have full access to your personal dashboard, where you will find everything you need to get started.

Your BOSH UKUK account/shop settings

How do I set my shop name?

My account > Seller profile > Shop title 

How do I set my shop description?

My account > Seller profile > Company description 

How do I add my logo?

My account > Seller profile > Company logo 

(Your shop logo should be square in dimensions)

How do I add a shop banner?

My account > Seller profile > Company banner 

What are Meta keywords and where do I add? 

My account > Seller profile > Meta keywords 

Meta keywords are keywords that you want to match to your shop and products too, as these could potentially be seen on search engines when people search externally. 

How do I pay BOSH UKUK?

Before you can begin listing your amazing products you will need to purchase a subscription package, we appreciate circumstances change, so we have given you two amazing choices to choose from.





My account > Pay membership fee > pay 


Setting up Stripe - The payment function. 

What is Stripe?

Stripe is an international secure payment provider for the secure transfer of funds from your customers directly to your bank account. This is how you will receive your sales directly and securely 

Does Stripe cost anything?

Stripe does not cost anything upfront, however they do apply a simple small transaction fee on each sale you make. dependent on your region. This is something we do not apply or control; you will experience this same transaction fee on many other platforms you may sell on. 

How do I sign up to Stripe?

Simply go to Marketplace dashboard > connect to stripe > You will be redirected to a simple Stripe sign up form. 

What if I already have a Stripe account?

Simply follow the steps above but when the Stripe form loads go to "sign in" and you will be able to connect your current Stripe account 

Stripe asks for a website and i do not have one?

As a BOSH UKUK sellers you have your own unique website address which you can obtain by going to

Marketplace dashboard > Seller profile > View profile (bottom of page) and use the the link in the web address bar.

This is the link you should use when prompted by Stripe to fill in website address.

My company number is not recognised by Stripe?

If you have chosen, the "business type" to be Limited Company then you will need to provide your company number. Please enter this with a zero at the start of your number.

Stripe does not have my business description, where do i go? 

Please choose. 

Retail > Other merchandise (Within the business description dropdown) 

Why does Stripe ask for my bank details?

Stripe is a secure payment provider and requires your account details to process your funds from the customer directly to your bank account. 

How long do sales take to be processed? 

Stripe can take up to 7 working day to transfer funds from the customer to your bank account. You can check when the funds are due to you by visiting and signing into your account. Stripe are extremely helpful, if you face any difficulties creating your Stripe account please email their support email address.

Adding products 

How do I add a product?

(If you plan to add products of variations, please see adding variations below before following this section) 

My account > New products 

What is the "product short description"

This is for providing a small insight of what the product you are selling is. 

What is the "product description"

This provides the customer more detail about your item, such as size, materials, colour, personalisation etc.

What size should my photos be of my products?

We recommend ensuring all your product photos are of the same dimensions for your shop to keep it visually attractive and consistent. Please also ensure pictures are vertical before uploading. 

What is the feature image?

The feature image is the main image customers will see within the category listings. Please ensure you have a featured image on your item, otherwise you may have a bank image showing in the marketplace. 

I have a one-off product how do I remove it once it has been sold?

Please ensure you have set the stock level to the number of products you have available, this way they will go out of stock once you have sold out, this is automatically updated by the system once you have sold an item.

Adding Variations

How do I add variations to my products?

Many items come in different colours and sizes and having the ability to add one item with multiple options will save you a great amount of time. First things first, let’s set the attributes to ensure they are always available for future listings.

Marketplace dashboard > Create attribute (Please ensure all is in lowercase)

Once this information is saved, this will be available for when you create your configurable products.

Adding variations

  • My account > New products > Change product type to configurable
  • Select configurations after filling in product information (next to product photo) > Attribute code
  • Select the values from each required attribute to include within this product 
  • Use this step to customise your requirements



How does shipping costs work?

You can simply add a carriage charge (this is per item) if you wish to do so, please ensure you include a weight within the product listing. In addition, you can add additional postal costs for the rest of the world/Europe/1st class and 2nd. You can also set an additional cost per item.


How can I create a coupon/voucher?

My account > Seller coupon manager

You can set this as a fixed or percentage discount.

Finding your shop link

Where is my shop link?

Seller profile > view profile (bottom of page) then click the web address bar

Managing Orders

How do I manage my orders?

Dashboard > My orders

This will allow you to inform the customer that their order has been shipped, add notes, tracking details or simply view order details.

This is a summary on creating your store, we have focused on the main areas on your account, but please do get in touch if there is something you are unsure of.

Need more support?

Email a question and we will get back you.

Need help with an order?

BOSH UK does not fulfil orders or control any refunds, please contact the seller directly. 

Here are some steps to take if the items purchased from a BOSH UK seller have not arrived.

  • Please first, double check the relevant shops policy on shipping and processing times. 
  • If the estimated arrival date for your package has passed, contact the seller directly - this could be down to courier delays or customs, if shipped internationally.
  • If you have had no response and your item has still not arrived, please do contact us with relevant information i.e., order number and correspondence so we can look into on your behalf.
  • You may need to file a chargeback with your card provider as a last report. You can also file a complaint about the seller to